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Compassionate Birth Services

Birth Doula Services
Fee: $700

Contracts can be signed as early as 12 weeks. This service begins at 38. From 38 weeks - up to 42 weeks, I am on call for you 24/7. 
Included in this service are 1-2 home visits (2 hours each), where I help you develop a birth plan, answer questions, review comfort measures, attend doctor visits, or anything you feel you need for support. Continuous support is provide during labor, up to 24 hours of care. I stay for the first hour after the birth to assist you in breastfeeding, answer questions, or get you food. Finally, there is 1 postpartum home visit (2 hours) where I can assist in guiding you with newborn care, breastfeeding, and self care. 
**Additional visits, either prenatal or postpartum, are available for an hourly rate of $25.

Childbirth Class are Birth Boot Camp® 

Natural Childbirth Class
Fee: $295   

Birth Boot Camp® classes consist of a series of 10 classes. This class is for designed for both mother and partner, so partner's attendance is important. The emphasis in these classes are on natural birth for low risk mothers. You can view an outline of each class on the Birth Boot Camp® tab above.
They are held once a week at my home in Mission, Texas and run approximately 2 hours. Classes are made up of lecture, group discussion, videos and activities. The fee is per couple and includes all classes, workbook, tote, and a free download of "The Ultimate Meal Ready to Eat", a 3.5 hour guide to breastfeeding hosted by Melanie Sheppard, IBCLC.  

Early Pregnancy Class
Fee: $50
For those who are not yet 24 weeks. Is 2-3 hours long and covers the foundation of a healthy pregnancy through nutrition and exercise, as well as what to expect during those first few months. A discount is given to those who take the 10 week Birth Boot Camp® course. Workbook included. 

Reboot Refresher Class
Fee: $75
For those who have already had a natural birth, even if you did not take a class before. Is roughly 3 hours long and gives an overview of labor, comfort measures, and labor positions. Workbook included.

Siblings at Birth Class
Fee: $35 ($10 each additional child)
Designed specifically for children ages 3-11 that will be present at the birth. Done in the comfort of your own home, this 1.5 hour class covers what happens to Mommy during labor, Mommy's labor sounds, how I can help Mommy during labor and when baby arrives. Workbook included.  
Placenta Encapsulation
Fee: $200 

Ingestion of the placenta is believed to have many benefits for mothers. The hormones, proteins, and vitamins in the placenta may help in reducing baby-blues, increasing milk supply and nutrient content, increasing energy levels, decreasing after- birth pains, decreasing lochia flow, and promote healing.

Encapsulation is the process where the placenta is steamed, dried, ground, and placed into capsules.  This allows for the placenta to be used over the course of the first few months after birth.
 Typical turn-a-round is 24-48 hours. 
*Discounts on certain services are available for those who choose more than one
*Payment plans are available
*PayPal payments are accepted